“Transforming Lives” Transcript

“Transforming Lives”

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>>LARK CATOE-EMERSON: I was a runaway. I was homeless, a teen mother. I have been going through all these different steps, trying to get on my feet.


>>FRANKLIN NKOKAM NGONGANG: It was very hard for me even to get into the IT world, working as an IT – even just as a desktop support. It was very, very – it was very tough.

>>PETRON TERRY: I had truly given up hope of ever working again.

>>ELIZABETH LINDSEY: Byte Back started as a neighborhood organization in 1997. And now we serve over 900 students a year. Byte Back’s free computer training and advanced IT certification classes, combined with career services support, help our graduates to launch new careers and to really thrive.

>>FRANKLIN NKOKAM NGONGANG: Free course, free classes, free textbook – I couldn’t – couldn’t request better.

>>LARK CATOE-EMERSON: I think I came into my own and learned more about myself coming to Byte Back.

>>PETRON TERRY: I’m really excited about going back to work. I’m excited about getting back in the workforce, being able to take care of myself again.

>>FRANKLIN NKOKAM NGONGANG: I got the job through Byte Back. I am an installer. What I do, I install laptops.

>>ELIZABETH LINDSEY: After coming to Byte Back and really learning how to use technology and how to be comfortable with it, our students leave with a new level of confidence.

>>FRANKLIN NKOKAM NGONGANG: I am doing it for me because it’s never too late.

>>LARK CATOE-EMERSON: I hope I can inspire not only my kids but other – other youth as well in D.C.

>>PETRON TERRY: I’m doing it to make a better life for myself. And my grandchildren were impressed that I was in school. (Laughter).

>>ELIZABETH LINDSEY: Transform a life today at byteback.org.