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Upcoming Digital Access Tours

Author: Byte Back
Published: August 28, 2014

Are you interested in learning more about Byte Back? Looking for the opportunity to tour our facilities and see our work first hand? Please join us for an upcoming Digital Access Tour.

RSVP is required. Email the date you would like to attend to our Development Associate Lydia Vanderbilt at gro.kcabetyb@tlibrednavl, and she will confirm with you and provide further details.

Upcoming Dates & Times:

Tues, Feb 10th 2015

6:30 PM—7:30 PM

Thurs, Feb 19th 2015

12:30 PM—1:30 PM

Tues, Mar 10th, 2015

6:30 PM—7:30 PM

Thurs, Mar 19th 2015

12:30 PM—1:30 PM

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