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7 Reasons We Volunteer at Byte Back

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: April 14, 2016

Appreciating the Volunteers Behind the Work

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 10-16, 2016, and National Volunteer Month in April, we asked some of our community volunteers and AmeriCorps volunteer instructors why volunteering is important to them.

1. “I volunteer because I believe it’s important to give back. Whether you help people, animals, or the environment we must all strive to do our part to make the world a better place.”

Crystal Jacobs, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor

2. “As a software engineer, I realize the importance of having computer and technology skills in today’s job market. I’m really excited by the opportunity to help Byte Back’s students grow their technical skill sets and hope that they will come to appreciate computers and technology as much as I do.”

John Tsai, Volunteer Instructor

Laura web crop3. “I volunteer because it is important that I give back to the community. I’ve gotten so many second chances in my life, so I see it as my duty to give others the skills they need to get their chances too!”

Laura Weiner, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor

4. “People like to volunteer to have an impact. At Byte Back, you see your impact with every class. I volunteer because there is a huge need for digital access and I have the ability and passion to meet that need.”

Erica Young, Volunteer Instructor

Robin web crop5. “I enjoy the rewarding opportunity to see the skills that I’ve learned be reborn through eager individuals who haven’t been offered adequate resources.  My volunteering experience allows me to give back and pay it forward.”

Robin Moges-Haile, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor

6. “I volunteer because I recognize the advantages I was given in my life by birth luck. I have a fondness for computers and for helping other people achieve what they believe to be impossible – such as taming a computer to have it do what they need it to do. If these skills can help individuals improve their standing in life or their happiness in any way, it is worth it to me!”

Josh Payette, Volunteer Instructor

7. “Imagine waiting on a bus and not knowing when it is due and it appears just after you reach the stop. To instructors and me, Byte Back is the bus and the students are the passengers going to a new destination.”

Robert E. Vauss, Volunteer Instructor & Tutor

If you’d like to volunteer with Byte Back, check out our available positions and fill out an interest form here. 

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