Volunteer of the Month: Justin Schardin

Schardin, JustinJustin Schardin has always loved technology.  In addition to running a tech business in his home state of North Dakota, he hosted a radio show to help callers with their computer issues (which he jokingly refers to as the “Car Talk” for computers).  When he learned about Byte Back at the National Day of Service, Justin knew he’d found the perfect place to put to use his passion for helping people master new technologies.

Justin taught Office Track, covering the basic programs of the Microsoft Office Suite, at the Perry School from January to April of this year. Having never taught before, Justin had some trepidation about instructing a class of adult students. He says, “My personal teaching style is efficient, precise, and my sense of humor is based mostly on one-liners.” Although Justin was less chatty than other instructors, his teaching was effective.  His students loved his style and appreciated his patience and understanding as they mastered new skills.

Upon reflection, Justin says that his favorite thing about teaching was getting to work with students from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of motivation for learning. “For me, the best part has been learning a bit about each of my students’ stories.  Each of them is in class for a different reason, so I like to try to make sure I tailor things to address each of them individually while not losing the narrative for the whole class.”