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Author: Byte Back
Published: February 28, 2012

In case you haven’t seen our last three ‘Reasons’, we have listed them below.

Would you be willing to help us make the cut? Each day until March 1, I’m sharing one new reason as to why I hope you’ll consider typing in ‘Byte Back’ for “The Best Nonprofit in Washington” and/or “The Best Place to Volunteer in Washington”.

Reason #1. We are IMPACTFUL. We serve those who are most in need. Last year we helped 1099 individuals learn new computer skills at Byte Back. 80% of our students were unemployed and had been so for an average of 18 months. Most of our students were from the most disadvantaged parts of the city: Ward 8 (21%), Ward Seven (28%) and Ward Five (21%). More than a third was homeless or precariously housed. Those who had never before used a computer learned how to navigate the web to search for jobs, research health concerns, access needed services and apply for employment. Those seeking work or aiming for a raise or promotion took courses in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, HTML and four different computer certification courses.

Reason #2. Our volunteers are DEDICATED. We drink lots of coffee here to get things done. Last year 233 individual volunteers dedicated over 20,000 hours of their time and talent, averaging 89 hours per volunteer. They helped with teaching, mentoring, tutoring, governance, curriculum development, fundraising and more.

Reason #3. We are THRIFTY. No, not cheap if that is what you are thinking. We are cost effective, which, in this economy, is essential. Thanks to our nonprofit partner sites and our team of volunteers, our return on investment for our job training program is 1082%. This means that every $100 spent on job training for those seeking work results in a $1082 increase in student earnings. (Based on FY10 figures).

Reason #4. We THINK STRATEGICALLY. We know that technology is the way of future so we’re preparing students for tech jobs that are growing in the region. We offer seven different computer certification courses which train students for professions that pay a living wage.

We hope to count on your vote!

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