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We Need Digital Equity Now. Are You with Me, DC?

Author: Byte Back
Published: May 12, 2021

Without Byte Back, I wouldn’t be able to use a computer.

Without computer skills and access, I wouldn’t have been able to apply for jobs or even sign up for my COVID vaccine. As you know, today computer skills are an absolute necessity. 

I’m proud to be a DC native and to have programs like Byte Back in our city. I think the DC government should support computer and job training for residents. That’s why I want to ask you to join me in supporting Byte Back and in asking the DC government to fund broadband, tech training, and devices for people just like me and you.

Byte Back is a program that should remain free and be expanded. I’m excited that I got computer skills. Today, I even have the tech foundations I need to enroll at American University!

Putting tech within reach means putting opportunities within reach in our whole community, and I’m proud to support that!

Thank you for joining me! 

Soukaena Gueye
Computer Foundations 2 Graduate

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