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We’re Searching for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: March 25, 2020

Byte Back Is Opening the Search for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Facilitator & Consultant 

Background & Purpose 

Byte Back is looking for a diversity, equity, and inclusion facilitator and consultant to help the board and staff to formally develop and incorporate DEI values, principals, policies, and structure. This is Byte Back’s first formal staff-wide DEI experience. As an organization that holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to our mission, we are committed to making DEI work ongoing, embedded, and central to decision making at all levels.  

What You’ll Do

This consultant will help the team at Byte Back to create organizational structures to create DEI initiatives, build a common language, and create a culture of continuous learning and growth. Main activities include: 

  • Education – design and facilitate interactive all-staff sessions introducing the staff to concepts of racial equity and inclusion.  
  • Help build a strategy to guide the organization’s DEI work 
  • Work with Board of Directors committee and Board Chair to create DEI plan 
  • Design, launch, and guide a new DEI Staff Team 
  • Plan structure of this new team 
  • Help inform staff and recruit a team of members with diverse identities, from different departments, and at different organizational leadership levels 
  • Launch the team and guide its scope, structure, and role 
  • Help the team make a work plan to prioritize issues and tasks, set goals, and develop a process for addressing DEI topics and solutions 

About Byte Back 

Byte Back provides a pathway of inclusive tech training that leads to living-wage careers. As a leader in digital inclusion since 1997, the nonprofit serves more than 500 adults per year in the Washington, DC area and Baltimore. Byte Back students are predominantly people of color, women, and unemployed or underemployed adults. In 2018, 50 graduates were hired, earning $27,599 more per year than before Byte Back training. Byte Back’s innovative approach and leaders have been featured locally and nationally at SXSW, TEDx, “The Root 100,”?Washington Business Journal,?Voice of America, and NBC Washington.  

Additional Info 

  • See more about our staff of 23who are passionate and committed to Byte Back’s mission of digital inclusion and equity 
  • Read more about us, including our values and commitment to equity and inclusion 
  • Length of engagement: About 6 months, starting in Spring 2020 
  • The budget for this engagement is not to exceed $12,000 


Please send the following to Elizabeth Lindsey, CEO, gro.kcabetyb@yesdnile and Yvette Scorse, communications director, gro.kcabetyb@esrocsy, by April 30, 2020:  

  • Resumeplus links to your LinkedIn and/or website 
  • Brief explanation of relevant experience 
  • Explanation of your interest and potential approach for this project 
  • Two references with description of the work you’ve done together 

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