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?”Typing” By Andrew Quilpa, Volunteer Instructor

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 28, 2012

?”Typing” By Andrew Quilpa, Volunteer Instructor

I was late to class
Ran up the steps
A panic in my eyes
Missing the bus
Is definitely not the best of alibis.

Have they all gone?
I fear the worst
Feelings of dread sink in
I burst through doors
And sigh relief: all my students wear smug grins.

“Were you lost?” They joke
“Get enough sleep?” Some quip
But among them all, no griping.
Even though their teacher was late,
They all stayed to practice their typing.

“We’re glad you’re back”
“You see, we’ve started!”
They remembered my little typing creed;
For in my absence, they echo my words:
“Focus on accuracy, then work on speed!”

I thought all was lost
But the day was saved
Despite my tardy state
To my dear students who stuck through the end:
Never again will I be so late!


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