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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Byte Back! As a community-based organization, our volunteers do important work to advance our mission and serve the DC community.

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Volunteers are an integral part of Byte Back’s work, bringing skills and dedication that add to our capacity to serve. We’re committed to offering a meaningful experience for volunteers. This includes training, professional development opportunities, and events.

Whether you can volunteer for just a couple hours or full time, you will be a highly valued member of our team and feel the rewards of giving back.

We’re currently recruiting volunteers for the following positions:

One-Time or Short-Term Volunteers

Career Assistants – Volunteer once or regularly to help Byte Back students updating their resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking, and other skills.

Workshop Presenters – Share your expertise with students during a one- or two-hour career workshop.


Tutors – Help students a few hours per month, one-on-one or in small groups, with beginner computer and software processes like attaching a document to an email or learning how to cut and paste.


Success Coaches/Mentors – As a professional, you have a wealth of experience to share. Impact a certification student’s career by mentoring in-person or remotely for one to two hours per month for four months. Click for more information on mentoring.

Board Members – Being a board member is a rewarding leadership experience. Serve on a committee that speaks to your experience or interest. Terms last two years.


February 6, 2020

Dear Byte Back Volunteers,

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for reaching out to volunteer for Byte Back. Since our founding in 1997, volunteers have been crucial to our impact – from teaching courses, to helping Byte Back students with their resumes and cover letters, to the strategic direction provided by the Board and Next Generation Council.

Unfortunately, over the past year, we haven’t been meeting our standards when it comes to utilizing you and your talents. We haven’t had enough capacity to support you all, and we didn’t invest quickly enough to ensure that current and potential volunteers were regularly updated and looped in. And we apologize for this.

We hope that you all will bear with us as we make this right. As of February 2020, we have begun our search for a full-time volunteer coordinator – someone who will match volunteers with opportunities that are meaningful for the volunteer and the organization. If you think that could be a good fit for you, see the full job description and apply here.

To submit a volunteer application, fill out the form below and we’ll keep you updated on the search as well as introduce you to our volunteer coordinator as soon as he/she/they join our team.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Again, I appreciate you, and we are prioritizing creating a sustainable and impactful volunteer program in 2020.

Thank you again,

Elizabeth Lindsey, CEO

Volunteering at Byte Back