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Maintaining a pipeline of bright, driven talent for tomorrow starts by taking progressive action today. Through thoughtful partnerships with HR teams and growing companies, Byte Back positions employers for future success with cost-effective recruiting and custom-tailored internship programs.

“The training Byte Back provides to students is a great match to many of the functions we perform as a company. The skills they bring are not only the hardware that is used – identifying components, explaining their purpose, understanding how they all fit together – but also the practical use of IT and how it is used in the workplace.

Graduates come with a positive attitude that is refreshing to see. They have an eagerness to show that they can apply themselves in the real world.”

— Christopher Scott, President, Wisetek USA, Byte Back Internship Host & Employer

Why Host an Intern?

Internships offer students the unique opportunity to grow in a real work environment while giving companies the chance to benefit from lasting connections with promising talent.

Byte Back Internship Benefits

Flexible Terms

Our internship programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. The Byte Back team works with employers to develop the best terms for their specific needs, including details such as internship duration, time of year, number of interns, and skill requirements.

Cost-Effective Resources

Having a backlog of talent costs time, energy, and money. Internship programs provide businesses with a pipeline of affordable, motivated candidates for less. Plus, Byte Back does the training and vetting for your company at no cost to you.

Valuable Contributions

Byte Back students come to internships with professional skills and intensive training backgrounds, helping employers increase productivity and meet real business objectives.

Leadership Opportunities

Hosting interns provides professional development possibilities for existing employees, giving teams new opportunities to grow leadership skills while guiding newer talent.

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