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AmeriCorps Instructor Spotlight: Gifty Sarfo

Author: Byte Back
Published: April 6, 2015

Gifty class1By Erin Jayes, Community Engagement Assistant & AmeriCorps Public Ally  

During my visit to Gifty Sarfo’s class, her interactive approach to teaching stood out. Throughout class, Gifty, one of our newest AmeriCorps instructors, has students teach each other, going up to the board to explain different concepts to their fellow classmates. I sat down with her after class to talk about her time at Byte Back and what she hopes to do after this experience.

Gifty class3

Erin: What has been your favorite moment as a Byte Back AmeriCorps instructor?

Gifty: I love when students teach each other. When we’re reviewing, they’ll help each other. They have a good sense of humor and make me laugh.

What is your favorite concept or lesson to teach and why?

G: I like Excel – its fun, and you hear more “ooohs and aaahs” and “That’s really cool!” with Excel. One of my students is even teaching her son multiplication on Excel!

E: What do you like most about living in the DC area?

Gifty class2G: I don’t live in DC, but I like the diversity here. It makes me feel human!

E: What do you most hope to convey to the students you work with?

G: Don’t give up, do something, try. Don’t be scared of making mistakes. This is what class is for – making mistakes!

E: What do you want to do after your service year is over?

G: I want to gain more experience in public health, find a job within the field of public health and continue for my Ph.D. I want to increase people’s education and health, focusing on HIV prevention, diabetes, cancer. I want to do something interactive to improve people’s lives.

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