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Instructor Griffin Reflects

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Published: February 15, 2012

(Names have been changed to protect student privacy)

In Byte Back’s Office Track class, students learn the basics of using

Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, PowePoint and Outlook. The standard course

lasts 3 months. Some of Byte Back’s students however cover this same

material in just 3 weeks during 4-hour classes in the “fast track” class.

If you haven’t been in a classroom as a student in some years, it may be

hard to relate to the challenge that Byte Back students bite off (pun

intended) in this class.

Consider (Jane), for example. This is (Jane’s) first class with Byte Back,

so she doesn’t have the Personal Computing for Beginners class under her

belt. She does, however, have years of her own experience getting

accustomed to the basics of computing on a laptop. One of her biggest

challenges is using the mouse because she hasn’t been able to focus on it,

as PCB students do. With practice, Peggy’s mouse skills have improved

dramatically in just 1.5 weeks.


Another students’ experience to consider: (Jane 2). (Jane 2) has many skills

on the computer. Ask her to figure something out, and she probably can, so

like many students, she is developing her vocabulary and becoming more

intentional about learning to do things the “fast track” or direct way.

Her skills show promise of an IT consultant in the making!


Last, consider (John). (John) came to the fast track class after PCB, and

as a new computer user, he found the class to be a big challenge. He asked

many questions, and kept trying even when I was frustrated. Sometimes

Alfred perked up though when he remembered what a task he has taken on.


These and all my Byte Back students remind me every day to take on

challenges bigger than what I thought I could handle–like a fast track

class. They remind me to recognize and celebrate my own strengths and use

my strengths to improve in my areas of weakness. I’m grateful for this

tremendous opportunity; teaching Byte Back students is truly an


– Griffin, Volunteer Instructor

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