Jump Start Your Job Search - On These Top 6 Sites

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Jump Start Your Job Search on These Top 6 Sites

Author: Byte Back
Published: May 20, 2015


So, you’ve put in the hours earning your certification and crafting a professional resume that markets your skills and talents. You’re finally ready to start applying to your dream job. Now what? With so many avenues out there for you to find positions online, we’ve gathered together the top six job search sites that will be sure to yield results.


Indeed?is a job-related search engine that launched in November 2004.?You may have heard of it because it’s reigned as the?most popular job website in the United States since 2010! Indeed is?a “job aggregator,” pulling?job postings from other job boards, staffing firms, and company websites. Tip: Use the Filter option and specific keywords in your search to?find the most relevant and recent job postings.


Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the “world’s largest professional social network,” 300 million strong. Create a LinkedIn profile today to start connecting online with past classmates and colleagues! Then, use the job search feature to target specific jobs in your industry.?Connect with contacts from past jobs and request recommendations from former supervisors. You can even connect with Byte Back on LinkedIn. Your online footprint should begin here with LinkedIn.


Idealist is a one-stop for information on full-time, internship, and volunteer positions at local and national nonprofit organizations. These types of organizations may only post positions on this site, so it’s best to review it regularly.


USAJobs is the premier job board for those of you seeking to work in the federal government. Gain access to thousands of opportunities across hundreds of federal agencies and organizations. Be precise when you apply and pay attention to all of the requirements listed for your application. Applying to this kind of job will take some extra time but if this meets your ultimate goal, then it will be worth it!


The Department of Human Resources (DCHR) just launched JobScience, a new applicant tracking system. This system offers an enriched experience by streamlining the application and recruitment processes in a real-time user friendly system. Job seekers are required to create a new user profile to apply for career opportunities. All District of Columbia Government job applications must be submitted online at careers.dc.gov.


For you IT folks, Dice is the place to go to find over 80,000 tech jobs. Nearly 3 million technology professionals have registered and the site claims to have about 2 million unique visitors each month! Post your updated resume on the site and you will start getting calls. Check out the Tech News tab for up-to-the minute articles on the latest job trends in the IT industry.


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