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The Launch of the New Puts Tech Within Reach

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: September 10, 2020

I’m so excited to share the new to you!  

This site is the product of months of work, which began with analyzing the old site and our audiences, a pre-COVID photoshoot, enhancements for a more streamlined (and pandemic friendly) admissions process, and finally ended with systems integration and this week’s launch.  

 On our new website, you’ll find: 

  • We hit new levels of accessibility with WCAG 2.1/ADA Title III standards that put tech within reach for all usersJust click the accessibility icon on the lower right side of your screen or tap on the left side of your mobile device to use accessiBe and customize the site to your needs. 
  • Apply Online! We’ve streamlined our admissions process and made it easier, safer, and quicker for future students by putting our full application on our site. Check out the new admissions process here. 
  • New connections for graduates and employersByte Back is helping alumni into living-wage careers and helping employers meet their hiring needs by connecting them with well qualified graduates. 
  • Location-specific content for all Byte Back sitesByte Back expanded last year to two sites – Baltimore and Washington, DC – and we’re planning for future expansion. The new lets you select your local site to see course information in your area.  
  • A beautiful user experience on any device. The site is optimized for a great experience on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. 
  • Modern design ​and smoother navigation match the Byte Back personality and professionalism you experience with our team in person and across other digital platforms. 

We added this content to better connect with you: 

Share what you think: 

Share your comments for the new site on: 

Love the new website and want to support future studentsCheck out our new Donate page and see how your donation can make a difference 


Special Thanks! 

Huge thanks to Morgan Porter and Trent Cox at Left Plus Right. They led development and design and will continue to support Byte Back’s mission. Thanks to Sarah Robb as well who helped us with copywriting. 

Thanks to Mollie Bates, our amazing project volunteer who offered a range of web expertise during the whole process, from helping with usability, writing copy, mockup feedback, and so much more. Follow her on Twitter @mebates. 

Thanks to Elia, the amazing Byte Back student who’s beaming on the homepage. Check out Elia’s story on how she stuck through her Microsoft Office Specialist training through COVID-19. Many thanks also to the many other Byte Back students, alumni, and staff featured in the new images here. 

Thanks to accessiBe. We’re proud to use accesiBe to integrate accessibility features and put tech within reach for all users. 

Byte Back Staff – Thanks to the staff who helped build the site, give feedback, and helped make a great site for students, alumni, employer partners, donors, funders, activists, and more.

Thanks to the almost 30 Board members, students, alumni, volunteers, donors, and employers who lent their time and opinions in our discovery interviews and feedback surveys.  

Finally, I’m Yvette Scorse, Byte Back’s communications director. As the project manager, I hope this site has some small part in authentically connecting people, transforming lives, and making more equitable communities. Email me at gro.kcabetyb@esrocsy to let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for sharing this special moment with us!

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