Beginner Class

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PC for Beginners

Who should take this class?

  • DC metro area residents
  • Ages 18 to 108
  • Those who have little or no experience with computers
  • Spanish speakers
  • People with disabilities
  • Literacy learners
  • Those eager to learn at a relaxed pace with a lot of practice

This course is an introduction to the computer made for beginning students. Students will:

  • Type and using a mouse
  • Learn how to use email
  • Search the internet
  • Understand computer parts, memory, storage, files, and folders

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this class.
Duration: 24 hours (6 weeks)
Class Length: 2-hour classes, 2 days per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)
Cost: Free to DC residents ($880 value, based on estimated costs at for-profit educational institutions)

To Register: Fill out the interest form below and please see our registration schedule here. For more information by phone, call (202) 529-3395.

You need a working email address to fill out this form. If you don’t have one, please give us a call at (202) 529-3395 and say you’re interested in PC for Beginners.

I'm Interested in PC for Beginners

(Classes are for adults 18+)

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