Meet Our Team

Ellen Bredt
Training Manager
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Danny Brown
Digital Literacy Instructor, Avodah Corps Member

Isel Perez-Castellanos
Director of Finance

Carol Daugherty
Volunteer Coordinator

Leonel De Leon
Computer Lab Assistant

Cherise Graves
Administrative Assistant

Yasheeca Green
Certification Instructor
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Jasmine Hillyer
Career Coach/Case Manager

Catherine Hoisington
Data Coordinator
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Elizabeth Lindsey

Elizabeth Lindsey
Executive Director
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Chris Miller
Communications & Development Associate

Nathan Oursler
Executive Assistant
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Andrew Quilpa
Certification Instructor
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Reginald Ray
Operations Director
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Monique Riviere
Chief Program Officer
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Yvette Scorse
Communications Director
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Bock Szymkowicz
Career Development Coordinator
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Christopher Wallace
Development Manager
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Derrick Washington
Career Services Manager
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Michael T. Williams
Certification Instructor

Shelbi Williams
Administrative Assistant

Amanda Young
Training Program Assistant
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Board of Directors

Keith Clark
Board Chair

Jonathan Brooks
Vice Chair

John Crain
Interim Finance Committee Chair

Desy Osunsade

Erin Horne-McKinney
Governance Committee Chair

Scott Driskill
Development Committee Chair

William Fastow
Facilities Committee Chair

Téa Gennaro

Jackie Kazil

Belen Perez-Ovando

Alex Pham

Next Gen Council

The Next Gen Council is a volunteer, fundraising, and support organization founded in 2017 to build a community of tomorrow's tech and nonprofit leaders around the concept of bringing tech within reach. Find out how you can get involved here.

Aja Clark
Academic Dean
Paul Public Charter School

Aldo Frosinini
Boston Consulting Group

Margaret Furr
Data Analyst

Chris Hagood
Workplace Analytics Consultant

Cameron Hames
Magruder Cook & Koutsouftikis

Brandon Hatton
Public Policy Associate
Airbnb Inc.

Rebecca Helberg

Lauren Jacobson
Instructor Manager
General Assembly

Priyanka Komala
Technology Director
The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Bennett Levine
Cornerstone Research

Ann Li
UX Architect
ICF Olson

Debra Miller
Senior Analyst

Erica Moore
Marketing and Business Development Specialist
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Alex Pham, NGC Chair
Investment Analyst
International Finance Corporation

Alicia Tambe
Regulatory Attorney

Austin Yager
Legislative Aide
Senator Dianne Feinstein