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We need volunteers, partners, and supporters to help us bring tech within reach in Baltimore!

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Why Byte Back Baltimore?

In 2019, we’re expanding to serve Baltimore residents. They deserve the economic opportunities that tech careers offer, and training can help get them there.

  • The poverty rate in Baltimore is 22%, more than double Maryland’s rate of 10%.
  • Baltimore tech companies are looking for workers to hire for living-wage positions. There are about 136,000 tech jobs now in the Baltimore area.
  • Other training programs can be expensive, limited to youth, or inaccessible for low-skilled learners.

Baltimore needs Byte Back!

What Can Baltimore Residents Achieve with Tech Training?

Byte Back has been a trusted provider of tech training since 1997. Our pathway of free, inclusive classes allows adult learners of any age to …

  1. Start building digital skills from a beginner’s level up
  2. Earn industry recognized Microsoft and CompTIA IT certifications
  3. Get hired into living-wage careers


Graduates are hired as IT Technicians, Administrative Assistants, Helpdesk Technicians, and more.



Byte Back graduates who were hired in 2018 started earning $27,599 more per year than before training.


Join Us in Bringing Opportunities to Baltimore

Do you believe that Baltimore residents deserve inclusive tech career opportunities? We do too! Interested in bringing these opportunities to Baltimore?

As we launch our program in summer 2019, we’re looking for Community Partners to help bring tech within reach in Baltimore! Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Work with students: volunteer as a tutor and share your technical skills with students or join us as a mentor and help students perfect their resume, gain soft skills, and ace their job interviews. Businesses can also meet corporate responsibility goals by helping Byte Back students learn about life in a modern workplace on a Tech Tour. Learn more here. 
  • Work with graduates: Byte Back grads are highly-motivated workers who hold industry-recognized degree. Become a Hiring Partner and see how Byte Back graduates can fulfill your hiring needs. Click here to learn more.
  • Work with Byte Back: Help us build our network by connecting us to other Baltimore resources, volunteer in our offices, or make a donation today to support our general operations in Baltimore and beyond.

Fill out the form below to take the first step in getting involved. We’ll share our progress and journey with you and opportunities to get involved in 2019 and beyond!

Interested in becoming an instructor? See open positions in Baltimore and apply here. 



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