Arcade to IT: Ismael’s Job Journey

By Anthony Edwards, Program Support Ismael Alvarez has always been a bit of a tinkerer, exposed to computers for most of his life. At one point, he worked in a video arcade and would occasionally troubleshoot arcade games that started to “eat” the customer’s quarters or become inoperable. It was his curiosity about the way […]

Byte Back Wins Biggest Prize at WeWork Creator Awards

— Byte Back (@ByteBackDC) March 29, 2017 The co-working company WeWork kicked off their epic, international Creator Awards Tuesday, awarding more than $1.5 million to innovators from across the Northeast. In Washington, DC alone, 1,100 applicants competed. Out of all of them, Byte Back stood out as a truly life-changing cause. Byte Back won the top prize of […]

Giving New Skills Back to the Community

Meet the Free-Spirited Traci By Bock Szymkowicz, Career Development Specialist  Traci Denise Barnes describes her Byte Back class as “free spirited, so you can be who are in class.” She brings that spirit back to class and also gives a full spirit back to the community. Traci came to Byte Back in February 2016 to take […]

Zero to 100: Putting Tech Skills to Work

By Christopher Wallace, Development Associate In 2003 Aundre Bethel was working at a warehouse. He wanted to work in IT and was looking for a career change, so he started his search back in his hometown – Washington, DC. The barriers that stood between Aundre and his career in IT would have been overpowering for most. […]

Graduate Leads National Recovery Month Awareness

By Iyana Turner, Program Associate Addiction treatment and mental health services can enable people with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live healthy and rewarding lives. That’s what National Recovery Month is all about – awareness and education to improve lives. Byte Back graduate Rhonda Johnson organized and hosted a National Recovery Month kickoff event […]

Byte Back to Use Insights from APT Data Dive to Drive Student Success

APT and Byte Back Announce Findings from Recent Data Dive Partnership Byte Back has received incredible insight from data to help us better serve students, thanks to Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) and its more than 40 employees who worked over a 24-hour period in a hackathon-style data dive. Members of the APT team donated their […]

Reaching for Tech Right Out of High School

Urban Alliance Connects Recent High School Grad to Byte Back and His Future in IT By Yvette Scorse, Communications Manager Before he even finished his senior year at Kingsman Academy Public Charter School in DC, Premier Kelly had planned his pathway into IT. He spent time this year learning about and fixing his home computer and at the same […]

Cover Letter Mad Libs: Making Job Applications Fun!

This is part four of a five-part blog series on tailoring your cover letter and resume to any position so you will get noticed. A fictional position is used throughout the series to help you apply these tips. This part is dedicated to tailoring your cover letter. Start the tailoring process right with part one of […]

Empowered by Education

Empowered by Computer Education, Lisa Shines By Yvette Scorse, Communications Associate Confidence, joy, empowerment. Those are the qualities that shine when you speak to Lisa Brown and the themes that come up when she talks about Byte Back. After completing Office Track last year at Shaw Library, Lisa applied for jobs she would never have […]